Framework and Models



Application/Assignment 3

CLEM model

Understand how to learn about new ICT and how to  use it to learn how to enhance student learning

not very useful within special ed.

TPACK Frame work

Bringing together content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technology together to teach specific subject effectively.

TPACK is a fantastic framework to utilize in order to effectively enhance the subject matter being taught. It is an approach that assists teachers to effectively understand all the elements of the lesson.

Backwards Design –           

Model that starts with the end in mind. What is it that students need to know? and what are the 3 steps needed to achieve these goals Step 1. Identifying goals, Step 2. Determine acceptable evidence, Step 3. Plan the learning experience.

Great model to use. It enables the teacher with direction and not just ‘teaching another lesson’. In a way I will already be doing this by teaching from the Australian curriculum achievement standard – look at what students should be achieving by the end of the year then work and plant towards it.

SAMR model

Stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. These 4 words are ways  that a teacher can use technology to impact on teaching and learning.

This model will ensure the value and use of ICT’s for more than just substituting the teacher or pen for screen.

TIP model

Specific focus on planning that focuses on integration of ICT

This is help to ensure that the planning I do will be effective and efficient when incorporating ICT’s.

5 E’s  

Instructional method uses a constructivist method building upon the knowledge that the students   already have and then allowing them to explore new content and build upon again. 5e’s stands for  Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate

Great tool to use to in my planning to assist students to build new understanding. The sequence of e’s helps teachers scaffold lessons effectively as well allowing students time to explore new concepts before having to elaborate on them

Blooms taxonomy  

Has 6 levels of cognitive skills – enables teachers to understand and organize and build students  learning objectives and scaffold their learning from lower order thinking skills to  higher order  thinking skills

Great tool to use to see where the students are at. I will be using this in order to create lessons that are at student level. Also to see what’s next in order to build higher order thinking skills.


Stands for “We are learning to”… and “What I am looking for” Create easy less stress intrusive  ways of learning for children. Assists students to understand learning objectives (LO) and Success criteria (SC)

Great way for students to see where they are heading. In the PE context I am in students need a lot of guidance. This is great laymans term for them to help them understand the (LO)


Relationship between work experience, learning and knowledge as expressed in concept of  “connectivity”

Encourages reflection after doing/learning – a concept too advanced for a lot of special needs students.

Postman’s 5 things      

Provides a useful way of thinking about technology changes and being able to identify those  changes

Assist with helping me to identify with any changed within the classroom that technology brings

Toolbelt/t.e.s.t. theory         

The TEST framework scaffolds the individual in thinking about which is the right tools to help  them achieve the specific task within the environment they are operating in and the skills they  need to bring to the task. The word TEST stands for Task, Environment, Skills, Tools

Will definitely be using this framework within my planning as all elements influence the effectiveness of the lesson


Personal Knowledge Management- A framework to develop a network of people and sources that you can personally draw upon for info and help.

Forming networks is something i always strive to do in any workplace. It makes creating and sharing resources easier also creates a nice collaborative vibe throughout the blocks



Using my PLN – free technology for teachers

Free technology resources (Y)

Kirstielouise1991 ICT Journey

As I usually do once a week (but I will admit whilst on prac I have been so preoccupied with everything else I havnt done it in weeks) I check out my feebly feeds and have a look at what all my fellow peers are blogging about to see if there is anything I could use for myself. Well whilst doing this for the first time in a few weeks I came accross a blog by Fionabudd2014 called Free technology for teachers and it immediatly caught my attention. The blog talks about this free technology for teachers facebook page which lists tried and tested technology sites, different strategies and tips for using technology within the classroom and provides resources for all year levels and majority of content strands. Straight away I knew this was a page/website that I needed to keep for future references and it is also one I…

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Not going to lie so…

Here it goes… I am currently hating this semesters work load. I spent all weekend Planning for next weeks lessons. I have one more lesson plan then i’m done. I am aware that “planning” is a big part of every teachers career however not at the extent that we students have to do by making note of as many theories and strategies as possible. Nevertheless there are still 3 essays due in the next 2 weeks as well as a big Maths exam on the 20th of June. WE ALSO have to come online and make sure we write blog posts AND work through the weekly tasks….

Just venting that I have no life and i’m stressed to my eye balls



Fast forward!

We have finally passed halfway. Def a good experience to get out and practice teaching and get tips from the teachers but i’m ready to go back to getting paid! I also have 3 assignment due in the following weeks straight after Prac and then a Maths exam.. I currently have my right arm in a splint which is slowing me down even more! Just want this semester to be over already, the study load has been HUGE


The joys and not so joyfullness of new things

Working in any new familiar environment means there are new bugs! All the students in my class have snotty green noses! I am currently struggling to maintain my health! Currently have a splint on my right arm to keep my wrist from moving, and now battling the flu.. I am feeling very overwhelmed physically.

The good news is my prac teacher and the entire junior block are loving all the new resources I’ve been bringing in and saving to their desktops ha-ha. Started off with a days of the week power point and its now turning into favorite activities and songs. I do feel like this has been a very successful happy prac.

Here’s a few of their favorite You Tubes and songs.